Amazon Prime Day starts July 16th!!

Amazon Prime day is coming up!!! It will be starting 3pm on July 16th!!!

Thousands of limited time incredible deals will be available every hour! These won’t last long. Don’t worry you won’t have to search for the best deals yourself. We will be posting deals for the full 36 hours of prime day!!!

To get the prime day deals all you need is a prime membership. Don’t have one? Don’t worry. Try Amazon Prime for one month FREE. Simply sign up for your free trial here and cancel before the 30 days is up. You’ll get to take advantage of all the incredible prime day deals and prime benefits with no membership fee if it’s not for you.

Amazon has thousands of fabulous items and some unbelievable discounts! You can save a bundle without even leaving your home.

Online shopping through reputable sites is fast, reliable and super simple. Check product reviews, compare prices and Amazon makes returning items as easy as a few clicks!

We scour Amazon to try to find you the very best deals so you can live well while saving money.

Don’t have a credit card to shop online? With the savings you get it can be well worth the cost of buying yourself a prepaid credit card. These can be purchased at most convenience stores, grocery stores, gas stations and drug stores. Keep one on hand so you don’t miss out on some of Amazon’s limited time lightning deals!

Check out Amazon’s site below or have a look through the awesome deals posted on our Facebook page!!

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